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So what is this game about?

This game is about collecting, hoarding and growing. The game's primary mission- aside from beautiful pets- is to keep things as neutral between players as possible. So we do a couple of things different here. In fact, you can play Fableden like it's a single player game!

Are there retired pets? Event specials? Holiday species? Limited editions? Monthlies?

No. We do not retire pets at Fableden. We also do not have exclusive pets, rare pets, limited pets, monthly pets, alternate sprites or anything similiar. We also do not rotate pets. All pets can either be purchased in the Market or obtained via a Quest.

Some pets are more difficult to obtain or are more costly to purchase, but no pets are "exclusive" or "limited".

How many pets may I have?

You may have an unlimited number of pets.

Is it possible to breed pets?

No, pets cannot be bred.

Is it possible to sell/trade pets, items or Orbs?

Due to the nature of Fableden there is no trade, sale, gift or transfer feature.

Is there a private message feature?

Due to there being no interplayer commerce we saw no reason for a private message feature. If there is something "personal" or "private" you feel you need to discuss with another player it probably should not be discussed on Fableden. (Please see our rules and EULA for these guidelines)


How do I get pets?

You can get pets from the Pet Market or by completing Quests that reward pets.

How do my pets grow?

Your pets grow based on how many points they have. Pets gain points when you feed them. You can buy food in the Market. Different types of food reward different amounts of points and reduce Hunger by varying amounts. Pets only eat when they are hungry. If they are only a little hungry they won't want a big meal!

Can other players feed my pets? Will my pets grow if other players click them?

Only you can feed your pets. Clicks and views from other players will not award points.

How fast do pets get hungry?

Pets lose 10% every 2 hours.

Do pets die? Can they starve to death?

Pets do not die. They can't starve to death.

Can I give a pet to another player?

No. Pets cannot be traded, sold or gifted.

How many points will it take for my pet to evolve?

It depends on the pet. Some pets don't need many points to evolve. Some pets need hundreds or even thousands of points to reach their later stages.

Thousands! That will take forever!

Consider these pets "long term goals" ;)

How many stages does each pet have?

Each pet has 2 to 4 stages.

Can I freeze a pet?

If you don't want a pet to continue to grow, simply stop feeding it. Being at 0% Fed won't harm it.


How do I earn Orbs?

Each week (Sunday) you will get 250 Orbs. You can also earn Orbs by doing your daily quests and finishing Achievements.

Can I buy Orbs?

Yes, Orbs can be purchased in the Market


What are quests?

Each day the various people of Fableden will have some tasks and errands they need handled. If you can help them, they will pay you for your time.

Can Quests be completed multiple times?

Each quest can only be completed once per day But if the same quest appears on your to-do list another day, you will be able to complete it again. You will get all the rewards, including quests that reward pets!

Do all players get the same quests everyday?

Yes, all players get the same to-do list each day.


What are Achievements?

Achievements are fun little goals that you can accomplish as you play the game. All Achievements aware you points, some award Orbs or even special pets!

Can Achievements be completed more than once?

No, each Achievement can only be completed one time.

Pet Artwork FAQ

How much does it cost to submit a pet?

At the moment pet submission are free.

Can I make a pet just for me?

No. All Fableden pets must be avaliable to all players. You may choose if you wish your pet to be a Quest reward or a Market pet. If you choose Market pet, you may set the Orb price (between 1 and 25 Orbs). If your pet is accepted you will get the first pet of that species (marked as the "Progenitor").

Do I get Orbs when someone buys one of my pets?

No, you do not get a commission.

That's not fair. I should get paid Orbs. And I want to set my pet's price higher so it stays rarer.

One of Fableden's goals is to keep things as fair and balanced as possible between players. In games where skins/custom designs exist, artists frequently have a significant economic and gameplay advantage over non-artists because artistic skills are in demand and very valuable. Because this is contrary to Fableden's goals, no commission is given and why user-submitted pet prices have such a low price cap. Also, it creates an imbalance between artists who opt for their pet to be a Quest reward vs artists who opt for their pet to be a Market pet.

We actually love to see free pets and people sharing their designs just for the joy of sharing. It gives us warm fuzzies.

We understand if you think this policy is unfair and it prevents you from submitting your own designs.

Can I change the price on a pet I submitted? Or their species name? Or their evolve points?

No. Changing all this is very disruptive to players. Once it's done, it's done.

Can I get additional free copies of my pet?

Your Progenitor is free, but you will have to buy/obtain additional copies like any other player.

Can I remove a pet I submitted?

Removals are done by the admin staff on a case by case basis. We do not "retire" pets. So if a pet is to be removed, the entire game population of that pet must also be removed. This is extremely disruptive to the entire game population.

However, there are circusmtances in which we may be willing to remove a pet. These are case-by-case. You will need to contact the administrative staff and explain your situation. Reasons like "I'm leaving the game" or "I just don't want my pet avaliable anymore" are not valid reasons. Be aware that removals are very rare and require a really, really good reason.


I think a pet's artwork is stolen. What should I do?

Email admin @ right away with your concerns.

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