Rules apply to every part of the site. Rules may change at any given time without notice or warning.

The tl;dr version

  • Play proper and don't be a jerk.
  • Do not share nor ask for contact information.
  • Do not share or ask for personal identifying information.

General Conduct

In general, be decent to your fellow players. Even if it is not specifically forbidden or mentioned here, staff has the power to intercede into any situation that they determine to be damaging, harmful or just plain unacceptable. "That which is forbidden is allowed" does not apply.

  • Each player may have ONE account.
  • You may not SHARE your account with anyone, for any reason.
  • You may not access the account of anyone, for any reason, even if they give you permission.
  • Accounts may not be transferred, gifted, sold or traded.
  • YOU are solely responsible for safeguarding your account. This means making your password hard to guess and securing the computers you use.

General Pet Rules

  • Don't give your pets names intended to troll/offend/upset/rattle or annoy anyone.
  • Don't give your pets offensive or obnoxious profiles.
  • Do not beg, ask for or hint for people to Heart your pet(s)
  • Do not every imply, state, demand or suggest what someone should do with their pet unless specifically asked.

General Forum Rules

Do not discuss intimate personal details, such as your actual full name, where you go to school, your actual physical address or any other very personal information. Do not ask people for age, sex, gender or location information. Do not share or ask for contact information.

In general, topics that glorify potentially harmful, self-destructive or illegal activity are not allowed.

Topics that promote hate, discrimination, bigotry, violence and other unpleasentness are not allowed. Topics that discuss pressing social concerns are fine. People who cannot handle grown-up discussions will have their posting privileges revoked.

Medical and legal concerns/issues should be discussed with a trusted professional or counselor, not random people on the internet.

Any discussion that is deemed to be "too hot" or causing community disruption will be locked without further comment. This is staff discretion.

Disagreements & Arguments Are Not Bullying

Someone disagreeing with you or arguing with you does not constitute "bullying" or "harassment". Someone telling you are wrong, or your beliefs are offensive, is not bullying or harassment.

Mini-mods, Copycat Mods and Wannabe Mods


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